Firstly – many thanks for visiting my blog, whatever reason has brought you here. If somehow you have stumbled across it by sheer chance, let me provide a little introduction. A first year MA (Hons) Ancient and Medieval History student, I intend to use this website as a place to collate and share my writing, published or otherwise. Over time, however, I hope to expand it to include other work of a predominantly historical nature that I become involved in. I imagine, however, that there will be much natural progression over the course of my four year undergraduate degree and beyond.

My historical interests broadly span two millennia: from the Classical Period of Ancient Greece to the beginning of the Age of Discovery. I consider myself both a Classicist and Medievalist (why pick just one?), although very much at the beginning of my academic studies in each. I am open to developing more acute interests and envisage that my writing will develop to reflect this. In exploring some 2000 years of human history through antiquity and the Middle Ages, I am eager to challenge the all too common erroneous preconceptions of the latter as well as my own subconscious prejudice towards Western thought.

The majority of the articles I publish here have been uploaded to Retrospect Journal which I thoroughly encourage you to engage with. I welcome comments and discussion on each article; if you wish to contact me through other means or have any questions relating to my work, please visit the About section of my site. As may or may not be glaring obvious from the quality of my writing, I am a first year student and as such have much scope in which to develop, and much still to learn, but hope that – if nothing else – contributing regularly to this blog will help me to do just that. Rome, or so the adage goes, wasn’t built in a day after all.



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