Lectori salutem!

I’m a first year MA (Hons) Ancient and Medieval History student at the University of Edinburgh, having made the decision to return to academia a somewhat more ‘mature’ student. Despite only recently embarking on my journey into the Classical and Medieval periods, my interest in academia has let me to contribute as a fortnightly columnist to the School of History, Classics and Archaeology student led Retrospect Journal.

Although my fascination with the ancient world is as broad as the time period I study, I have a particularly acute interest in Classical Greece – from the Greco-Persian Wars to the Theban revolts against Sparta – as well as global exploration and cultural exchange in the Middle Ages. Within that, I find the study of material culture especially intriguing – there is nothing as revelatory nor as wondrous as having a tangible link to ancient civilisations. I also intend to embark upon personal research into individual identity in the classical world, particularly the complexities of gender and sexuality, and how they compare to modern understanding of self-knowledge.

I intend to use this blog as a way of sharing my writing, including that which has been published online with Retrospect, with the hopes of developing my own academic style. I welcome open discourse (and constructive criticism!) on each of my post or can be contacting via email – links to my various social media channels can be found on this page.